BlackICE 3.6 cnj update

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Išleistas atnaujinimas programai BlackICE. Norėdami parsisiųst eikite čia:

PC Protection | Server Protection

- Resolved an issue with the Intel VPN client that caused the
  engine to fail to start after the system was turned on.

- Resolved an issue that caused the agent to falsely enforce the AV
  policy, which resulted in the display of the default blocking

- Resolved an issue where update.ini was deleted in the root
  folder of the agent after an update. This caused a full package
  to download on the next version update.

- Resolved issue with Agentremove.exe that did not always remove
  the old shortcut to blackice.exe in the Windows startup folder.
  This caused two icons to appear in the system tray after the
  reinstallation completed.

- Resolved an issue where a false positive on the Checkpoint HTTP
  detection caused the driver to incorrectly block in a Novell

- Resolved an issue whereby a computer that was moved to a different
  network while in hibernation or standby mode did not change its
  policy to reflect the new network connection when the system came
  out of hibernation or standby.

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