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New Features

Added support for new recorders

The user will now be informed if the DirectX™ version needs to be updated for handling MPEG-2 files.

Support for updated help files has been added.

Bug Fixes

Windows XP SP2 compatibility problem is solved

In the expert features of the preferences a localisation problem is solved

Wrong message was shown when an installation was cancelled

New function was added for changing the booktype with several drives

Implemented a workaround for some device specific problems

A problem with the audio plugin manager is solved

Improvement for DVD+VR support on DVD+R9 media was made to determine if a layer breakpoint is set

While opening the setting tab in the expert feature an error occurred

Burning a VCD from a MPEG-1 file failed under Windows™ 95b

All controls are now disabled after the burn process is finished

When adding data to a DVD-RW instead of overwriting existing data another media was demanded

A problem with burning VCD is resolved

Fixed a problem that some burnt CD medias were not readable anymore

An unnecessary system reboot at the end of a DVD–VR disc copy process is solved

Audio CD image copy with checked option “copy all subchannel data” resulted in a CD with silence and clicks

Fixed a instability problem when copying a DVD-VR disc

A problem with a strange title name in Nero Express is solved

When an AAC and a WMA file were added, the slider could not be moved

An error occurred when trying to burn a S-VCD from a S-VCD compliant MPEG-2 file under Windows ME™

A problem with adding DRM protected audio files to Nero Express has been solved

The volume label name of a DVD video compilation is now corrected in case of specific system language

A localization problem under Korean systems in the time track for creating audio CDs is solved

The time-slider in the preview window was jumping back after moving

Fixed a problem in the preview movie player

A multisession CD could not be continued after two sessions

Can’t enter more than only one Korean word in VCD disc name is resolved

A problem with VCD burning under Windows™ 98 SE is resolved

Improvement for displaying Thai text strings on some buttons was made

Adding a video file to a compilation with the add button wasn’t possible

Fixed a problem with user profiles

Entering a new serial number was rejected with an error

Resolved a GUI problem when switching languages

Some GUI improvements are made

Playback of a WMA file failed when a file was opened the first time

A problem that was caused by clicking on the brush tool is fixed

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